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Wake-up call for crisis communication: guest commentary by Andreas Schwarz in the current PR-Report

In the last issue of the trade magazine PR-Report (04/2017) an attachment on the topic of crisis communication appeared in the series "PR-Werkstatt" (PR workshop). Dr. Andreas Schwarz (Co-Chair of the International Research Group on Crisis Communication) commented on the summary of best practice recommendations and some findings from research published by Torsten Rössing and Markus Ewald. He points to the lack of research-based foundations for the crisis communication practice, which often does not take note of the relevant current body of knowledge in academia. At the same time, scholars should do more to transfer and ‘translate’ their findings to practice. The conclusion is that "many organizations are going through painful learning processes until they (in some cases) themselves come to the right conclusions. Many strategic errors, structural weaknesses and ethical shortcomings in crisis communication could be reduced through a better cooperation between professionals and crisis communication scholars" (PR-Werkstatt Krisenkommunikation 2017, pp. 10f.).