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Virtual Worlds and Digital Games Group

The Virtual Worlds and Digital Games Group is concerned with technologies, systems and occurrences of Mediated Reality (including but not limited to Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Diminished Reality (DR), as well as individual manifestations of digital games (pervasive games, mobile MR games, Alternate Reality Games (ARG) etc.).

Researchers needed!


(Augmented Reality-based Configuration of Home Interior with novel Tracking, Estimation and Camera-pose Reconstruction Techniques)

3D visualizations of buildings and rooms allow a realistic and immersive experience for customers and designers. However, realistic visualizations require detailed models of the interior and building.

With recent technological advances, Augmented Reality allows the overlay of virtual objects onto a video-stream of real rooms using video see-through displays. Here, the video stream of a camera is augmented with furniture using a correct perspective. Unfortunately, this is not possible without marker-based tracking and works only in empty rooms (otherwise the overlay would not work).

In ARCHITECT, we want to develop techniques that calculate camera position, room geometry, and position of objects in a room using off-the-shelf mobile devices. Based on these information, we want to remove certain objects in real-time from the video stream and add new virtual objects.


For ARCHITECT, we have two open positions:

Image-based 3D reconstruction

Image - and video inpainting


If you are interested in working on this project, please do not hesitate to send your application including:

  • letter of motivation,
  • CV and
  • certificates



If you have any questions regarding the openings, feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Broll!