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Master Communications and Signal Processing

Eckdaten des Studiengangs

Verantwortliche FakultätElektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
StudiumWeiterführende Informationen der Fakultät
StudieninhalteModultafeln und Modulhandbücher
StudienplanAnlage 1 der Studienordnung
ProfilbeschreibungAnlage 2 der Studienordnung
RechtsgrundlagenAlle Ordnungen zum Studiengang
Akademischer AbschlussMaster of Science
Internat. Doppelabschluss (Double Degree)Nein
Regelstudienzeit4 Semester
ZugangsvoraussetzungenZugang zu Masterstudiengängen sowie Anlage 3 der Studienordnung
ZulassungsbeschränkungNein, Eignungsprüfung erforderlich
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Master Communications and Signal Processing

Profilbeschreibung des Studiengangs

Communications and Signal processing is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. The fast development of economy and society requires modern and high-performance communications systems. To develop such systems, which achieve channel capacities close to the boundaries obliged by the laws of nature, smart signal processing algorithms are required. The MSc-programme in Communications and Signal Processing brings the students up to date with the hot topics in this area and provides the opportunity to get a deep insight into specific topics depending on the students’ interest, e.g., by students projects or homeworks.

((The programme offers a thorough theoretical foundation as well as practical experience with the main software tools which are also used in industry. The Master Programme is designed by professors with high level industrial experience to give students an excellent education in Communications and Signal Processing. A master degree from TU Ilmenau will enable students to work at an advanced level in industrial production as well as in research, development, and education. ))

This programme is designed for international Engineering graduates (BSc or equivalent) who would like to get an in-depth understanding of communication systems on all layers and their associated signal processing algorithms, starting from the physical layer, including antenna and microwave engineering up to the application layers, including communication networks and multimedia systems.

Along with the theoretical education, the students will gain practical experience by research projects which are an important preparation for the challenging demands in the communications industry.

The Master’s thesis will be prepared in the fourth semester. The goal of the Master’s thesis is to show the student’s ability to apply their theoretical knowledge to new challenging research topics.

Master Communications and Signal Processing

Vertiefende Informationen zum Studiengang