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Vlaic, Codru¸ta Aurelia; Dorneanu, Sorin-Aurel
Galvanostatic graphite electroactivation for hydrogen peroxide electrosynthesis by multi-sequence and auto-adaptive techniques. - In: Studia Universitatis Babe¸s-Bolyai / Chemia. - Cluj-Napoca : Univ, ISSN 00393401, Bd. 60 (2015), 3, S. 141-150
Bartsch, Heike; Brokmann, Ulrike; Goj, Boris; Weiß, Robert; Rädlein, Edda; Müller, Jens
Sol gel thin films on LTCC ceramic multilayers enable their use as thin film substrates. - In: 2015 European Microelectronics Packaging Conference (EMPC) : date: 14-16 Sept. 2015. - [Piscataway, NJ] : IEEE / European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference ; 20 (Friedrichshafen) : 2015.09.14-16., ISBN 978-0-9568086-2-2, (2015), insges. 6 S.
Soubeih, Senan; Lüdtke, Ulrich; Halbedel, Bernd
Improving residence time distribution in glass melting tanks using additionally generated Lorentz forces. - In: Journal of chemistry and chemical engineering. - El Monte, Calif : David Publ, ISSN 19347383, Bd. 9 (2015), 3, S. 203-210
Albrecht, Robert; Lange, Günther
Short fiber reinforced aluminum foam for lightweight solutions. - In: Proceedings / International Conference on Innovative Technologies (Dubrovnik) : 2015.09.09-11. : IN-TECH 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 09. - 11.09.2015. - Rijeka : Fac. of Engineering, Univ. of Rijeka, (2015), S. 80-83

The first time metallic foams were mentioned was in 1926 by Alexandre Meller. Since then the understanding of the behavior has developed so the material can be used for special applications. Nevertheless the mechanical properties are bad compared to solid material. Because of the mean variation of the pore size the strength underlays a variation too. A solution can be to reinforce the matrix with fibers so the mechanical properties can be improved and the variation can be reduced. In a first attempt the aluminum powder is mixed with 2 weight percent cleaned glass fibers and a blowing agent (TiH2) and were compacted with a heated compressing tool. After that the preform can be foamed by an alloy adapted heat-treatment. The preform expands to about 500 percent of the primary volume while the fibers are orientated randomly in the metal matrix so the composite keeps its isotropic behavior. Referring to compression tests the mechanical properties improved. The composite is 20% stiffer and 8% stronger than the non-reinforced foam having the same density. Analyzing the failure behavior, all of the fibers got pulled out of the matrix. To reach higher strength and stiffness the adhesion of the matrix and fibers must be improved. A solution can be to use e.g. carbon fibers or other fibers which can build a compound with the matrix material. Combined with a higher share and longer fibers the reinforced foam can be stiffer stronger and level out the influences of the mean variation of the pore size.

Torres, José Oskar; Halbedel, Bernd; Weber, Claudia; Reche, Reinhart
High-performance forehearth coloring using Lorentz forces. - In: Heat processingHeat processing : international magazine for industrial furnaces, heat treatment & equipment. - Essen : Vulkan-Verl : international magazine for industrial furnaces, heat treatment & equipment. - Essen : Vulkan-Verl, ISSN 1611616X, (2015), 4, S. 85-89

In the production of coloring glasses molten white glass which flows out of the glass tank is colored in the melt zone of the forehearth by means of color concentrates (frits). It was observed that such frits tend to sink, degrading the glass coloring because the stirring battery needs a certain frits level to do a good homogenization, and contaminating the glass when they sediment. A suitable Lorentz force density distribution against the glass flow generated in the melt zone of the forehearth can be used to prevent the sinking process by a push-up effect and therefore to improve the input flow conditions of the stirring battery. On the basis of a verified numerical model which included the boundary conditions, process parameter and temperature depending material properties a suitable arrangement of electrodes, located in the molten glass, and coils, located in the insulation material of the forehearth are created and the effects of the generated Lorentz forces distribution on the temperature and velocity distribution are computed and discussed.

Kern, Heinrich
Das Fachgebiet Metallische Werkstoffe und Verbundwerkstoffe. - In: Jenaer Jahrbuch zur Technik- und Industriegeschichte : . - Jena : Vopelius, ISSN 21986746, Bd. 18 (2015), S. 315-318
Koch, Michael
Das Fachgebiet Kunststofftechnik. - In: Jenaer Jahrbuch zur Technik- und Industriegeschichte : . - Jena : Vopelius, ISSN 21986746, Bd. 18 (2015), S. 261-269
Hülsenberg, Dagmar; Rädlein, Edda
Das Fachgebiet Anorganisch-nichtmetallische Werkstoffe. - In: Jenaer Jahrbuch zur Technik- und Industriegeschichte : . - Jena : Vopelius, ISSN 21986746, Bd. 18 (2015), S. 175-194
Caba, Stefan; Hartmann, Robert; Koch, Michael
Herstellung von 3D-Hochleistungs-Holzspan-Kunststoff-Verbunden (HHKV) in geschlossenen Formwerkzeugen. - In: Technomer 2015 / Technomer ; 24 (Chemnitz) : 2015.11.12-13. - Chemnitz, ISBN 978-3-939382-12-6, 2015, V 4.3, insges. 3 S.

Kurzfassung S. 51
Woyan, Felix; Koch, Michael
Korrelation von Eigenschaften und Parametern beim Folienhinterspritzen. - In: Technomer 2015Technomer 2015 : 24. Fachtagung über Verarbeitung und Anwendung von Polymeren, 12. und 13. November 2015, [Technische Universität Chemnitz] ; Vorträge, Posterbeiträge ; [Tagungsband]. - Chemnitz / Technomer ; 24 (Chemnitz) : 2015.11.12-13. - Chemnitz, ISBN 978-3-939382-12-6, 2015, V 1.3, insges. 1 S.

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