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Topic 1 | Precision Engineering and Measurement Technology

Session 1.1

Precision Measurement Technology
Chairman: Prof. Eberhard Manske
  • Nanopositioning and nanomeasuring technology
  • Opical metrology for free-form and aspheric surfaces
  • New interferometric methods
  • Frequency comb technique
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Multisensor technology
  • Sensor and data fusion
  • Treatment of extrem large measurement data
  • Large area atomic force microscopy
  • Uncertainty and traceability

Session 1.2

Chairmen: Prof. Eberhard Manske | Prof. Steffen Strehle
  • MEMS
  • Metrology of Nano Fabrication
  • Tools and parallelization
  • Kinematics and control

Session 1.3

Measurement and Sensor Technology
Chairman: Prof. Thomas Fröhlich
  • Process measurement
  • Force measurement
  • Multi component force torque sensors
  • Weighing technology
  • Temperature measurement
  • Measurement dynamics
  • In process calibration of sensors
  • New SI in process measurement

Session 1.4

Precision Engineering and Optics
Chairmen: Prof. René Theska | Prof. Stefan Sinzinger
  • Precision Machines
  • Devices and Sensors
  • Precision Bearings and Guideways
  • Automated Assembly and Adjustment
  • Optical and Optomechanical Design
  • Optical Devices

Session 1.5

Optics for Illumination, Imaging and Metrology
Chairmen: Prof. Stefan Sinzinger | Prof. Christoph Schierz
  • Source and Wave Field Modelling
  • Illumination and Optical Systems Design
  • Freeform and Tunable Optics for Illumination and Beam Shaping
  • Illumination Concepts for Optimised Systems Performance