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Exchange Students

Short-term studies, visiting students, exchange programmes

In case you only want to spend one or two semesters at TU Ilmenau instead of the whole course of studies, you are also a welcome guest. As a prerequisite, you have to be enrolled in the same or a similar subject area in your home country and you have to finish it there as well. In this case we neither check the university admission nor language skills. Nevertheless, in this case the maximum period of studies at TU Ilmenau is one year. The application procedure depends on whether your home university has an inter-university partnership agreement with us or not. Exchange students coming from such a partner university apply to the home university’s local responsible. FREEMOVER apply directly to TU Ilmenau. Please note that not all subjects are offered or open to guest students in all semesters. Information on subjects open to guests can be taken from the TU Ilmenau course catalogue.

In order to guarantee smooth organisation, please apply until September 30th for the summer term and March 31st for the winter term. We cannot guarantee that applications after these dates can be dealt with in due time.

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