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Webinar "Basic work regulations for international students / staff"

The support and service network "we4you" of the TU Ilmenau International Office cordially invites all international students and staff to a webinar about labour law in Germany.  The webinar "Basic work regulations for international students / staff" takes place on Tuesday, 2nd of June 2020, at 7 pm.

Student assistant jobs, contracts for self-employed work, seasonal work, mini-Jobs… What is the difference? Where do I need to pay attention especially as an international student? And what is the role of the Ausländerbehörde (aliens’ office)?

Link to participate: (platform: BigBlueButton*- participation is possible via bowser (Firefox, Crome etc.))

The webinar takes place in cooperation with the project "Fair Integration" which is part of the network IQ “Integration through qualification” at the DGB-Bildungswerk Thüringen e.V., an educational institute of the German Federation of Trade Unions in Thuringia. The project also offers individual advise for topcis related to labour law applicable to third party nationals. For more information see

* Participation takes place on a server of the DGB-Bildungswerk Thüringen e.V. via BigBlueButton. A web-browser is all you need to participate: a current version of Firefox or Chrome is suited best, no special software is necessary. To participate, there is no microphone or camera needed. If available, both will automatically be turned off upon entering the room. For questions during the webinar camera and microphone can be used, but there is also a chat available, in which questions can be posed.