Neue open access Publikation

Einfluss elektrischer Stimulation auf die Photopic negative response des Vollfeld Elektroretinogram

Eine neue Open Access Publikation aus dem Fachgebiet Optoelektrophysiologische Medizintechnik ist veröffentlicht worden.

Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-96401-9

Blum, MC., Hunold, A., Solf, B., Klee, S.:
Ocular direct current stimulation affects retinal ganglion cells.
Sci Rep 11, 17573 (2021).

Kontakt: M. Sc. Maren-Christina Blum,
              Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Klee

In the publication "Ocular direct current stimulation affects retinal ganglion cells" we investigated the effects of an ocular direct current stimulation on the characteristic photopic negative response (PhNR) amplitude and latency of the full field electroretinogram (ERG). The ERG from 17 subjects was evaluated before (ERG 1) and during (ERG 2) an ocular direct current stimulation with 800 µA over 5 min. The subjects were stimulated in three sessions (different days), each with a different current application (randomized order): cathodal polarity, anodal polarity (referred to the electrode around the eye), or sham stimulation. Comparing before to during the current stimulation, the PhNR amplitude increased significant during cathodal stimulation, while in the anodal and sham groups, no effect was visible. Furthermore, repeated-measures ANOVA revealed a significant difference in PhNR amplitude between the anodal and cathodal as well as between the cathodal and sham group. This finding indicates that retinal ganglion cells can be influenced by ocular direct current stimulation in a polarity-dependent manner.

Figure 1: Grand mean signals. Grand mean curves for every stimulation group (i.e., cathodal polarity, anodal polarity, and sham stimulation; n = 17 for each curve) for the different ERG measurements (ERG 1 = before current stimulation, ERG 2 = during current stimulation). sem standard error of the mean