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IWOTA 2019

IWOTA 2019, 22-26 July, Lisbon (Portugal)

Andrii Khrabutovskyi, Olaf Post, Carsten Trunk


Special session:

Spectral Theory and Differential Operators

Benrabah AbderafikMultiparameter regularization method for an ill-posed homogeneous biharmonic problem
Yagub AliyevSturm-Liouville problems with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions
Neeru BalaHyperinvariant subspace for AN and AM-operators
Andrey BadaninSpectral theory of third order operator associated with the good Boussinesq equation
Diana BarseghyanSpectral geometry in a rotating frame: properties of the ground state
Siegfried BeckusHunting the spectra via approximations
Sergey BelyiPerturbations of Donoghue classes
Mohammed Berkani On the B-discrete spectrum
Harm BartThe logarithmic residue theorem in higher dimensions: a multifaceted issue.
Miron BekkerSelf-adjoint extensions of symmetric scale-invariant operators
Giorgia BellomonteContinuous frames for unbounded operators
Irina BlinovaScattering, spectrum and resonance states completeness for quantum graph with Rashba
Malcolm BrownUniqueness for an inverse boundary value problem in electromagnetism
Hakima BouhadjeraMore general common fixed point theorems under a new concept
Lyonell BoultonSpectral Properties of a Non-commutative Harmonic Oscillator
Sameer ChavanRank one perturbations
Fabrizio ColomboApplications of Spectral theory on the S-spectrum to fractional
di usion problems
Graham Cox 

Spectral flow, nodal deficiency, and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map

Preeti DharmarhaOn α-Weyl operators and α-Weyl Spectrum
Maria Faleeva

Distance between the transmission matrix and the subspace of tensor product, singular numbers and entangled qubits transmission through a turbulent atmosphere

Carla FarsiSpectral triples and wavelets for k-graphs
Dale FrymarkBoundary Triples and Weyl m-functions for Powers of Some Classical Sturm--Liouville Operators
Stephen A. Fulling

Spectral Asymptotics in Renormalization

Matthew FurySource identification for non-homogeneous ill-posed problems associated with generators of holomorphic semigroups
Jihed HedhlyUpper bound for the ratios of eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators with nonnegative single-barrier potentials
Orif Ibrogimov

Eigenvalue enclosures for singular indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators

Atsuhide IshidaPropagation property and inverse scattering for fractional powers of negative Laplacian
Damian KolaczekError bounds for time evolution operator splitting. The Kato-Trotter and the Strang formula
Andrii KhrabutovskyiConstruction of differential operators with prescribed spectral properties
Martin KlausAsymptotics for the number and moments of eigenvalues of Zakharov-Shabat systems with long-range potential
V B Kiran KumarSpectral Approximation of Family of Operators
Tereza KurimaiováSpectral properties of the damped wave equation
Anton KutsenkoFinite PDEs and finite ODEs are isomorphic

Jordan MakwanaA characterization of the positive, self-adjoint extensions of a class of Jacobi operators
Albert Mas Periodic solutions of integro-differential equations
Marat MarkinOn the Smoothness of Weak Solutions of an Abstract Evolution Equation with a Scalar Type Spectral Operator on the Real Axis
Francisco Martínez PeríaSpectral enclosures for a class of block operator matrices
Vsevolod MartseniukImplicit second order linear difference equations and infinite linear systems
Yulia Meshkova Variations on the theme of the Trotter-Kato theorem for homogenization of periodic hyperbolic systems
Boitumelo Moletsane

Asymptotics of fourth order differential operators with eigenvalue dependent boundary conditions, periodic boundary conditions

Mohammed Hichem MortadMatrices of Unbounded Operators and Applications to Counterexamples
Madi MuratbekovMaximum regularity and two-sided estimates for the approximation numbers of solutions of the nonlinear Sturm-Liouville equation with rapidly oscillating coefficients in L2(R)
Hiroaki NiikuniEmbedded eigenvalues in the spectral bands for carbon nanotubes with impurities
Lina OliveiraHermitian projections on a JB*-triple
Friedrich PhilippSpectral bounds on J-selfadjoint operator matrices and perturbations of J-nonnegative operators
Igor PopovPotential supported by line with small window in a quantum waveguide: resonance asymptotics
Raphael PrucknerBounds for the Weyl coefficient of a canonical system
Łukasz RzepnickiOn asymptotic behaviour of solutions of the Dirac system and applications
Valery SerovSpectral problems for elliptic operators with singular coefficients
Ali ShukurSpectral analysis of linear chaotic operators
Rúben Sousa

Product formulas and convolutions for solutions of Sturm-Liouville equations

Frantisek StampachNew explicitly diagonalizable Hankel matrices
Tatiana Suslina

Homogenization of hyperbolic equations with periodic coefficients

Jari TaskinenSpectra of the Robin-Laplace- and Steklov-problems in bounded, cuspidal domains
Alexander Teplyaev Spectral analysis and waves on fractals
Michal TichýLarge time and analytic solutions of reaction-diffusion problem on a growing domain using
symmetry methods
Rafael Tiedra de Aldecoa Ruled strips with asymptotically diverging twisting
Carsten Trunk Invariance of the essential spectra of operator pencils
Gerald WanjalaSpectral theory and stability of index for linear relations
Marcus WaurickThe Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on general domains
Rudi WeikardSpectral Theory for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations with Distributional Coefficients
Ian WoodEssential spectrum for Maxwell's equation
Harald Woracek

Limit behaviour of Nevanlinna functions

Christian WyssSelfadjointness in rigged Hilbert and Krein spaces
Petr Zemanek

On linear relations associated with discrete symplectic systems