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25.06.2014 - Vortrag, Influencing the retinal neurovascular coupling by tDCS

Pilot study and Simulations

A: Participant in recording position; B: Time trace of arterial relative vessel diameter for three stimulation conditions

A. Hunold, Bildgebende Verfahren in den Neurowissenschaften: Grundlagen und aktuelle Ergebnisse, 24. Juni 2014, Medizinische Physik im Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Universitätsklinikum Jena

Transcranial direct current stimulation causes excitation or inhibition of neuronal activity which reflect on vessel dilation and constriction due to different demands in metabolism. This effect is known as neurovascular coupling (NVC) which directly can be examined by dynamic vessel analysis (DVA) in the retina.
We aim to infer on the NVC from diameter changes in retinal vessels induced by electrical stimulation.
We perform retinal vessel analysis with simultaneous transcranial current stimulation. Applied current configurations are simulated in volume conductor models.
Retinal vessels provide enhanced dilation at simultaneously applied flickering light and current stimulation compared to pure flickering light stimulation. Simulated current density distribution follow the expected pattern.