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Workshop announcement 30.8.2017, Bern, Switzerland

Dry electrodes for EEG - Concluding workshop of the ANDREA European project

The workshop will be held on the 30th August 2017 as a satellite of the 3rd BaCi conference in Bern, Switzerland.

Promoted by the partners of the ANDREA European project (, it is meant to inform and educate everyone - beginners and experts - interested in EEG using dry and semi-dry electrodes. All related aspects, from novel electrode technologies and multi-channel EEG caps to specific electronics solutions and signal processing methods, will be covered. A further focus is on the validation of the new technologies in multiple clinical and research applications. The partners of the ANDREA project and external experts will present the most recent advancements in the field and discuss future research directions.

Preregistration is most welcome by sending an e-mail to Patrique Fiedler - Patrique.Fiedler(at)