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3rd International Summer School in Biomedical Engineering

We thank all speakers, participants, organizers and sponsors for their valuable contribution the success of the Summer School 2008!



Many physiological processes, like e.g. neuronal activity in the brain, contraction of muscles, or the beating of the heart, are accompanied by electrical current flow. These currents cause electric and magnetic fields, which can be measured outside the body. In order to gain information on and achieve understanding of the underlying physiological processes, the sources of these fields need to be reconstructed. In particular, source reconstruction based on electroencephalographic or magnetoencephalographic measurements is a key technique for understanding how the brain works and is used in brain research as well as in various neurological applications.


The objective of the International Summer School is to provide in depth education and practical exercises on source reconstruction techniques, covering both theoretical foundations and practical applications. It aims at a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms and thus will develop a critical view on current applications and possible future developments. The International Summer School provides contact with leading experts in the fields and is expected to facilitate the exchange of ideas on latest developments.


  • Inverse Problems in BME
  • Low parametric sources
  • Reconstruction of distributed sources
  • Scan methods
  • Advanced source models
  • Multimodal Approaches
  • Validation techniques

Target group:  (up to 40 participants)

  • PhD students
  • Advanced Master students
  • Researchers entering the field field source reconstruction

Credits: 4 ECTS



  • Prof. Dr. J. Haueisen - Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, Ilmenau University of Technology (& Bernstein group Jena)

Scientific Programme Committee:

  • Luca Di Rienzo (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Burkhard Maess (MPI Leipzig)
  • Jürgen Reichenbach (University Jena)
  • Otto W. Witte (University Jena)
  • Herbert Witte (University Jena)

List of invited speakers:

  • Gabriel Curio (Berlin, Germany)
  • Luca Di Rienzo (Milano, Italy)
  • Stefan Kiebel (London, GB)
  • Burkhard Maess (Leipzig, Germany)
  • John Mosher (Cleveland, USA)
  • Guido Nolte (Berlin, Germany)
  • Ernesto Palmero Soler ( Enschede, The Netherlands)
  • Michael Scherg (Munich, Germany)
  • Ceon Ramon (Washington, USA)
  • Kensuke Sekihara (Tokio, Japan)
  • Michael Wagner (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Carsten Wolters (Münster, Germany)
  • Tilmann Sander-Thömmes (Berlin, Germany)

Organization of Symposia:

  • Daniel Baumgarten (TU Ilmenau / FSU Jena)
  • Sebastian Biller (TU Ilmenau)
  • Moritz Dannhauer (MPI Leipzig)
  • Roland Eichardt (TU Ilmenau)
  • Stephan Lau (TU Ilmenau / FSU Jena)
  • Mario Liehr (FSU Jena)
  • Andreas Spiegler (TU Ilmenau / MPI Leipzig)

General Information


For registration please send an e-mail with the following contact data: first name, last name, position (e.g. PhD student), Institution with address, Telephone, Fax, and e-mail to Gabi.Hey(at)

Registration becomes valid upon reception of the fee (590 Euro) on the following bank account:

BIC: MARKDEF1820 (Bank Identifier Code)
IBAN: DE438200 0000 00 8200 1500 (Int. Bank Account Number)
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Erfurt
Account holder: Staatskasse Thüringen, TU Ilmenau
Account number: 00 8200 1500
BLZ: 8200 0000
Reason for payment (do not forget): TUIL-1581-22210194

590 Euro including 13 overnight stays, social program and the conference fee for the OIPE 2008


There are travel grants (Euro 200) and fee reductions (Euro 200) for applicants from outside Germany. For application please send a letter of support from your supervising professor and a one page description of your motivation and current work in the field of source reconstruction.


The International Summer School will take place in Weimar and Ilmenau, Germany. Weimar is situated in the state of Thuringia, in the middle of Germany; Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are approximately 300 km away. Weimar is one of the most outstanding historical places in Germany and a UNESCO World Heritage site. For futher information visit

Travel Information

Schematic map of Germany with venues of the Summer School

Accommodation address:

Jakobsplan 1
99423 Weimar

Weimar (Germany, Thuringia) is located in the middle of Germany, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are approximately 300 km away. The Summer School will be held on the campus of the Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar. A detailed campus plan can be found here. The hall of residence is marked as '9' in the lower map. All lectures will be held in 'Hörsaal D' in Marienstraße 13 which can be found in the upper map.

Arrive by airplane:
Weimar is easily accessible from all major German airports (Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig) by high speed trains (ICE). The closest airport is the local airport Erfurt which is connected to Munich 3 times a day via Lufthansa. From this airport there is a tram to the central railway station in Erfurt (20 min). A local train (about 20 min) runs from Erfurt to Weimar every 30 minutes. There are also direct connections from Barcelona-Girona and London-Stansted to the regional airport Leipzig-Altenburg Airport, both served by Ryanair.

Arrive by train:
The best way to get to Weimar is by train. Weimar posseses a high speed train station and is well accessible from all parts of Germany. If you arrive by train, please leave the train at station Weimar. From there, it is a 15 min walk to the hall of residence.

Arrive by car:
In case you want to arrive by car, please use the highway A4. Leave the highway at exit 'Weimar' and follow the signs to the city centre.

Transfer to Ilmenau:
For those participants also joining the OIPE 2008 in Ilmenau, the transfer from Weimar to Ilmenau on September 14th will be organized by the Summer School team and is included in the Summer School fee. For travel information regarding Ilmenau, please refer to the OIPE webpage.

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Technically co-sponsored by

International Society for Bioelectromagnetism

Bernstein Group for Computational Neuroscience Jena

International Society for Functional Source Imaging

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