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Progress update of Talking Heads

Partners from Stoke-on-Trent, Selb, Faenza, Helsinki, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Riga have begun to produce interview footage, with Tallinn and Ulster close to starting the process – interviewees have included general public, artists, designers, industry workers, industry suppliers, curators and museum managers, an actress, playwright, manager of a royal charity - and ‘exit poll’ type interviews with young people, before and after their visit to a ceramics gallery.

In the following, the work of the different partners will be presented:

Stoke-on-Trent have conducted 40 to 50 interviews with a range of interviewees including youngsters, general public, businesses, academics, artists, designers, young careerists, retailers, museum visitors and curators, amongst others. Many clips have been edited for the portal. Work is continuing, including more vox pop interviewing.

Selb have produced a good range of subtitled interview clips with curators, designers, artists and the general public. Additionally, they are in the In the process of hiring TV station professionals to produce some vox pop interviews, which will be ready in May 2017. They aim to broadcast the vox pop footage on their local TV station with over 400 broadcasts planned.

Faenza have produced full length interviews with academics and teachers from the Higher Institute for Artistic Trade, the Institute for Ceramics, an architectural studio and a well-known studio artist in Faenza. Interviews are currently in the process of translation and transcription after which they will be ready for editing into smaller clips to fit the themes of the portal.

Ljubljana have finished filming 21 interviews with a range of people – they are in the process of editing and translating the footage down into clips for the portal.

Belgrade have recorded around 20 interviews with the general public, artists, designers, art historians, children, students etc., and have edited many down to translated and transcribed clips for the portal.

Riga have produced a number of full length interviews that are currently being edited down into smaller clips for the themes of the portal.

Helsinki – Aalto University have produced a number of full length interviews that have been edited down to smaller clips for use in the themed portal.

A compilation of Talking heads footage has been included in the European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics exhibition from September 2016.

The way that the Talking Heads content is organised and themed on the web portal is in discussion with project partners and the web developers from Ilmenau.