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Cooking with Clay - An update to the toolkit

At the Ceramics and its Dimensions partnership meeting in Riga the developments in the Education module 7 toolkit, Cooking with Clay, were presented to partners.

Cooking with Clay is a toolkit designed to support institutions with the engagement of diverse audiences with clay and ceramic objects. A design model for the booklet was shown in Riga which received enthusiastic feedback.

Meanwhile, case studies for the toolkit have now been received from all module 7 partners. Some themes of the activities include diverse subjects such as: Considering the aesthetic and functional qualities of a breakfast mug from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, the links between clay and nature from Porzellanikon, and using clay to explore identity, through memories of personal food traditions from M.I.C. Partners at BCB and PMAG have been working hard to edit toolkit contents ready for the final version which will be produced by a graphic designer in June 2017.