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The Clay Pits Plan

Engaging individuals with clay

A live-research experiment has been developed, which will further test the approaches that the project partners have to engaging individuals with clay.

A large-scale interactive workshop space will be constructed at The British Ceramics Biennial 2017, where community and education groups, visitors, and visiting artists can explore clay.

Via a series of large clay pits, copious amounts of ceramic material, oversize clay tools, and creative props, The Clay Pit will encourage communal hands-on play, exploration, and construction.

The designers of The Clay Pit are passionate about clay’s ability to stimulate learning, create unique tactile experiences and fire the visual senses and brain matter.

Groups will be observed whilst playing within The Pit, and the findings will be presented with research that aims to present the ‘placemaking’ benefits of clay.

The Clay Pit is being led by Dena Bagi (UK) and Priska Fallin (Finland).