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Exhibition “Romans Suta – 120. Universal Art Formula”

The exhibition “Romans Suta – 120. Universal Art Formula” is dedicated to the life and work of the versatile Latvian artist Romans Suta.

Romans Suta (1896–1944) is one of the central figures of the epoch of modernism in Latvia – a unique creative personality, whose erudition, unusual reasoning, artistic potential, and endless enthusiasm surprised contemporaries. Trying his hand in various fields of art and creating various types of artworks, Romans Suta managed to be recognisable with his original style. It seems the author had discovered some universal art formula that helped his talent to be so multifaceted yet uniform at the same time.

In the exhibition visitors are able to see a lesser known and researched, yet a significant part of Suta’s creative legacy – applied art and design. Noteworthy is that Suta was one of the first enthusiasts in Latvia to develop the links “consumer – manufacturer – artist” purposefully and with the future in mind.

Next to the outstanding heritage of Baltars porcelain crockery which is on the list of the Latvian Cultural Canon, his contribution to the M. S. Kuznetsov Partnership’s Porcelain Factory is showcased. This includes design proposals for porcelain ware decoration and new forms for products, as well as decorative ceramic vessels which have never previously been displayed so magnificently. Sketches of glass ware and the only crystal vase, preserved until this day in the collection of the National History Museum of Latvia, testify to the artist’s aspirations to promote production at the Iļģuciems Glass Factory. The exhibited sketches provide also an insight into his constructive and functional approach within the field of interior decoration, as unfortunately almost all public interior decorations and furnishings created by Suta have perished.

The exhibition takes place in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design / Great Hall, Skārņu iela 10/20, Riga, Latvia from 29 April till 18 June 2017.

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