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Exhibition “Ceramic Sculpture – Miroslav Oliva”

The exhibition of the latest works of the sculptor, designer and educator Miroslav Oliva will take place in the traditional ceramics center – the town of Kostelec nad Černými lesy from 22 June until 29 October 2017.

The artist graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague (today’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design), where he studied in the Sculpture Studio under Professor Josef Malejovský (1974–1980). Currently, Oliva is head of the Industrial Design Department at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Bechyně. The ceramist entered the annals of Czech ceramics history as an outstanding artist specialising in wheel-thrown pottery. For many years, Oliva was head designer of ÚLUV (The Centre for Folk Art Production) and maker of ceramic beverage sets and tableware. In the past decade, he has devoted himself to sculptural work, inspired by children’s drawings and Classical sculpture. His summary stylised figural sculpture, rendered in clay, is exceptional both in the Czech and the international artistic context.