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Future Lights in New York

“Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly, evoke an emotional response.” - A. Greiman

Maria Juchnowska ​got inspired by this motto early in her career. 15 years ago she begun working with ceramics as my main medium in creating design, art and other forms of expression.

At the Wanted Design she showcases design series called “Useful-Unique” and porcelain artistic jewellery with a catalogue of works as a primal version of the design series. These objects are hand crafted and organically designed, functional and thoughtful. Each object in the set has a special assigned function. Often, as consumers we do not consider why certain objects look the way they are, as designed products are not only including specific aesthetics, but also a functional.

The “Cup”, thanks to the specially designed shape by touching the surface, prevents the hand from getting burned when consuming a hot beverage. Specially designed edges are encourage the consumer to use them in a specific way or manner. The user while utilising the cup is more likely intent concentrating on the particular beverage as compared to the average regular shaped cup. The “Bowl” is designed in a way that it allows it to stop on one of the tabs while being pushed and thus prevents liquid or loose products from spilling, while still retaining its shape and unique decorative design. The “Vase” is specially designed for floral arrangements while also minimising the user interaction with his or hers involvement in shaping the floral or plant arrangements naturally. “Useful- Unique” includes in its structure the shift between light and shadow. It complies the essential playfulness along with its interactive surface that gives the receiver a sensual experience by touching and using it.

Artistic jewellery made of porcelain, carat gold, platinum and sterling silver is an unique, artistic consumer product. Each set of pendants, earrings and rings is handmade using a unique technique of melting porcelain. All jewellery sets were inspired to a greater or lesser extent by the waste and defects of the factory production of tableware porcelain. In practice they have been transformed into untypical and unique designs. The presentation of this type of product demonstrates how easy and affordable a small-scale production of unique jewellery products can be made and is a refreshing image of the ceramic field.

Mari JJ Design was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden by Maria JJ Juchnowska based in Oslo Norway. Working mainly in ceramics, creating porcelain design objects and jewellery. The works are uniquely designed pieces which are handcrafted from the initial faze to a finished product. The designs are always of the finest porcelain, hand tinted and decorated. Maria takes her inspirations from Scandinavian minimalism and sophisticated European art and culture.

Maria Joanna Juchnowska was born in Poland in 1985. In the year 2000 she began her education at the Art College specialising in ceramics. Graduating in the year 2010 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław Poland and the following year 2011 from the University of Arts, Craft and Design Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. Maria worked in Tate Modern and Tate Britain Galleries and participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, Liverpool, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Athens, Oslo, Bergen, Tunisia and Poland. In 2016 was a guest teacher at Parsons School of Design New York, USA. Maria is based in Oslo and working out of her studios in Norway and Poland.  

Maria JJ Juchnowska and her brand Mari JJ Design was selected as only one Polish designer to show her works at Wanted Design in Launch Pad section.

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Pictures on instagram are available here.

Maria Juchnowska is supported by the following organisations: Polish Culture Institute New York, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Kielce City, Kielce Culture Centre, Consulate General of Norway and Design and Architecture Norway, Let`s Trade Polish Conlulare Trade and Investment New York.