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Exhibition of the 6th International Symposium for Porcelain Painting „Together 2017“

From 26 June to 7 July, Latvian and foreign porcelain artists, participants of the 6th International symposium TOGETHER 2017, were welcomed at Zvārtava Castle which is the International Art and Education Centre of the Latvian Artists’ Union. The symposium for porcelain painting is held every second year having gained international recognition by bringing together artists from different countries of the world.

This year, Eiženija Loginova, the curator of the symposium, associate professor at the Ceramics Department of the Art Academy of Latvia, alongside with Latvian artists, had invited 24 artists who are engaged in different art disciplines coming from England, Austria, Russia, Turkey, and Poland.

Painting on a porcelain vase of a considerable size was the major theme of the 6th symposium and exhibition. Prominent Latvian artist Inese Brants has assessed this activity in the following way: “The porcelain vase embodies the philosophical categories of fragility and eternity. The artist’s painting on a vase shows his or her respect to the material. In the magic process of painting and firing endows an article with its own special aura. The painted vase at the end embodies the creative power of the personality.”

Latvia is proud about porcelain art today. Contacts, seminars, workshops and creative work during the symposium also activate integration of Latvian art into international arena.

The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga (Skārņu iela 10/20) lasts until 10 September 2017.

Exhibition curators:

Eiženija Loginova, Associate Professor at the Ceramics Department of the Art Academy of Latvia

Dace Ļaviņa, Curator of the Latvian Ceramics Collection, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design / Latvian National Museum of Art