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11th International Exhibition of Small Form Porcelain

The Riga Porcelain Museum has a permanent exposition and a gallery room where regular exhibitions of contemporary porcelain take place, among them the International Exhibition of Small Form Porcelain. Established in 2006, the International Exhibition of Small Form Porcelain runs annually and features works of artists from all over the world. The exhibition brings together local and foreign artists ready to use porcelain to create a piece of art that does not exceed 15 cm in its dimensions.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is WHITE NOISE. White noise is a concept which is used not only in physics, but also in music, or telecommunications. White noise is a sound comprising all frequencies audible to the human ear at the same pitch.

How does noise differ from sound? Is noise an annoying nuisance or an inescapable reality? The French philosopher Michel Serres views white noise as a positive element in communication. Paradoxically, our desire for more modern and faster technologies is accompanied by a desire to escape from them, as an overwhelming technological rationalism diminishes or negates individuality. Communication is a vital aspect of our lives and noise is a third player between the sender of the message and its recipient. Communication cannot exist without noise. White noise is an intermediate stage and an affirmation of presence.

The exibition in Riga Porcelain Museum takes place from 12 October until 10 December 2017.

Curator of the exhibition Ieva Nagliņa.

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