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KOSOVI – Daniela Kosová and Martin Kos

Although the output of the husband-and-wife artist team Daniela and Martin Kos can be told apart at first sight, their collaborative work is unusually coherent and harmonious. The chief denominator of their work is their shared vitality, optimism and playfulness emanating from their artwork.

Daniela Kosová (b. 1967 in Bratislava) graduated in her native town from the Secondary School of Applied Arts, majoring in ceramics and porcelain, followed by her studies of the same art field at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague with the renowned artist, Professor Václav Šerák. Kosová focuses on independent artwork, rendered especially in the form of porcelain sculptures and paintings. Her work reflects the artist’s rich inner world that is inhabited by animal and figural motifs of fairytale creatures with fantastic and realistic figures abounding in colour and vivacious enthusiasm.

Conversely, Martin Kos (b. 1959 in Hradec Králové) produces utility ceramics intended for daily use. In the 1970s, already as a trained potter, he completed his studies at the Vocational School of Ceramics in Bechyně, where he further perfected his art. His porcelain is hand-thrown on the pottery wheel. No wonder he had chosen pottery; in his family, he represents the third generation of ceramists pursuing this technique. The artist specializes in producing unique, thin-walled porcelain that he perforates in the process with tiny holes and creates charming lace ornaments on his translucent cups and saucers. It is utility porcelain that the couple’s otherwise unlike work meets – in the combination of Martin’s hand-thrown tableware and Daniela’s distinctive cobalt-blue painting. Together, they create characteristic blue-and-white porcelain, delicately decorated with poetic motifs from the animal and plant world.

The exhibition takes place in the Gallery: The House of Porcelain with Blue Blood, Tovární 620/15a, Dubí, Czech Republic from 10 January until 9 February 2018.