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Exhibition: From The South, Made Of Clay

An exhibition held by members of the Association of Ceramics Artists (Sdružení výtvarných umělců keramiků) related with the South Bohemian ceramics tradition

In the past half-century, several strong generations of artists and sculptors have formed that have in common the study at and graduation from the country’s prominent school specializing in ceramics – The Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bechyně – and/or professional pursuits in the region of Southern Bohemia. The artists share a strong feeling for Southern Bohemia that is reflected in their treatment of ceramic materials, endowing them with an array of artistic expressions and imprinting their creations with the craftsmanship and traditional art of that region.

Organized by the Association of Ceramics Artists, the exhibition offers a creative, generational diversity, enhanced by a sensitive and vibrant artistic confrontation. In quality, the sculptural and designer works created by the dozen plus exhibiting artists surpass their geographic limits; they are well-known not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM) that has had a long scholarly interest in ceramics.

The exhibition takes place at the Gallery: Nová síň, Voršilská 139/3, Praha 1, Czech Republic from 21 February until 10 March 2018.

Exhibiting artists: Jan Benda / Pavel Drda / Ivo Chovanec / Martin Kos / Jana Krejzová / Helena Ladová Lišková / Miroslav Oliva / Naděžda Potůčková / Hana Purkrábková / Valerie Stehlíková and Vanda Grecová / Miloslav Svoboda / Markéta Škopková / Jitka Wernerová

The exhibition’s curator: Dita Hálová (UPM)