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“The Reason to Be” - an exhibition by Helga Ingeborga Melnbārde Solo

The exhibition will be held at Riga Porcelain Museum from 15 February to 15 April 2018.

“It was my conscience that commissioned this exhibition,” tells the artist, Helga Ingeborga Melnbārde, talking about her new solo exhibition “The Reason to Be”. “The 'spices' that spur my creativity remain the same – music, poetry, light,” the master of exquisite pen-work reveal her sources of inspiration, and skilfully conjures soulful abstract landscapes on the porcelain surface.
Helga Ingeborga Melnbārde's style in porcelain painting is expressive and colourful. She loves to experiment with different techniques and combinations that some would deem impossible.
Along with the prolific creative work Helga Ingeborga Melnbārde has accumulated many years of teaching experience. She is an associate professor of the University of Latvia and, since 1975, the founder and manager of the folk applied art studio “Vāpe”, operating under the wing of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia.

Curator of the exhibition: Ieva Nagliņa.