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25. Letní keramická plastika / Summer Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture

A total of about thirty artists will be exhibiting their sculptural works, ceramic and porcelain installations in the impressive setting of the chateau park of the Museum of Central Bohemia in Roztoky u Prahy from 23 June until 4 November 2018.

Each year, this outdoor exhibition (unique within the Czech Republic) traditionally presents current artworks, some of which are site-specific, created directly for this event. The exhibition facilitates meetings of renowned ceramic sculptors with artists from other fields of visual art, for whom the ceramic material offers a singular opportunity for enriching their own creative endeavours. The event is also attended by their young colleagues – recent university graduates. Distinctive ceramists from Japan, South Korea, Germany and Slovakia present their creations alongside artists from the Czech Republic.

The curators invite artists to take part in the Summer Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture after which they use their works as art installations that enhance the atmosphere of the museum’s exterior setting. The richly articulated space in which expansive, unobstructed areas are alternated with intimate nooks, offers intriguing and often surprising ways of installing art objects. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM).

Curators: Petr Lada and Milan Hlaveš (UPM)