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The tradition has been renewed of monothematic exhibitions entitled KERAMONO organised by the Association of Ceramics Artists and founded in 1982 in Prague by Pravoslav Rada, an acclaimed sculptor, ceramist and organiser of Czech ceramics events.

To date, twenty-two monothematic exhibitions have been held with the following themes that are obligatory for the attending artists: Landscape in Ceramics, Boxes, Sea, Woman, Bird, The Old Testament, The New Testament, Angel, Dialogue, Dog, Fruit, etc. Following a twelve-year hiatus, Miroslav Oliva, a sculptor, ceramist and curator of this year’s exhibition, chose its theme and title: Pohoda (meaning Relaxation, Contentment, Ease). In the past, the invitation cards to the event were designed by noted graphic artists, illustrators and caricaturists, among them Adolf Born and Jiří Slíva.

This year’s invitation card, featuring a drawing by Miroslav Oliva, was created by the graphic designer Jana Hradcová. The event’s history is examined by Dita Hálová from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM). The exhibition takes place at Galerie Galvína and lasts until 6 June 2018.