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Ceramics and Talks

Presentations and open discussion within the exhibition "Ceramics and its Dimensions. Shaping the Future" at the Bröhan Museum Berlin

One of the highlights of the exhibition "Ceramics and its Dimensions. Shaping the Future" which was at display at the Bröhan Museum Berlin from 30 January until 22 April 2018 was the "Ceramics and Talks" event on 14 April during which students of the weißensee school of art and design berlin presented their work and made it more accessible to the audience in tastings and with live performances.

Open to the general public, the event attracted numerous guests who had the opportunity to take part in a Coffee Ceremony, taste fermented food with specially designed ceramic tools, decorate plates with the “Melodic Scribe” installation and understand the process of ceramic 3D printing in a live demonstration. Prof. Barbara Schmidt and students introduced into the exhibition and delivered background information of the works on display. Invited guests and visitors exchanged thoughts on the future perspectives of ceramics in vivid discussions.