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Ceramic Props go online

The final push to the finishing line

Almost four years ago a team of eleven project partners engaged in the great task to sort through the world of movies and advertisement by looking for ceramic props. Their relevance and importance have been analysed and put into an international database, where the specific role of ceramic props is being described in particular movie scenes and advertising clips. This database will go online by the end of the project.

In addition to that partners are now working on contributing movie and advertising clips to the online portal “City of Ceramics”. Users shall then be able to not only see stills but also short clips in a “Cinema”.

Finally, due to the great work and success of this module the Porzellanikon has decided to follow up on it by presenting a special exhibition called “Silent Stars – Ceramics in Film and Advertising”. The exhibition can be seen at the Porzellanikon, Selb from 27 July 2019 until 26 of January 2020.