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Solo Exhibition of Juris Bergins “From Abel to Cain”

Juris Bergins’ solo exhibition “From Abel to Cain” will be on display in Riga Porcelain Museum until 14 October 2018.

One of the most extravagant characters among Latvian ceramists, Juris Bergins, stands out in Latvian as well as European art world. His brilliant original works – allegorical and provocative compositions – are slip-casted in porcelain and painted in over-glaze technique.

The fact that these objects are teapots or mugs may pass by unnoticed, overshadowed by their subject matter. In his artistic work, Juris Bergins doesn’t shy away from social criticism and politics. His sharp observations and impressions of what might be considered the signs of our times, quickly find their way into his clever compositions.

Almost as if the artist had set out to write his own alternative history of the world, in his work familiar Biblical characters intermingle with references to art history, worldly celebrities, brands and symbols, creating new contexts and, perhaps, new questions that have not been asked until now. Bergins also loves to play with language, different meanings and associations of words. The artist dares the audiences to boldly interpret his story. No one is left indifferent.

Currently, Juris Bergins lives and works in Lithuania. The artist is known for his extravagant style – his bright, allegorical works are full of clever references to the artifacts of our times. The exhibition in Riga Porcelain Museum will present the artist’s original work created over the last few years.