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Aztechi, Maya, Inca and the cultures of the ancient America

Exhibition from 11 October 2018 until 28 April 2019

The exhibition "Aztechi, Maya, Inca and the cultures of the ancient America", curated by Antonio Aimi e Antonio Guarnotta, will open on 11 November 2018. It shows a vision of pre-Columbian America through the different cultures that historically characterized it.

MIC owns one of the most interesting collections in the world, devoted to these cultures and in the latest years, many donations from private collectors have enriched this heritage. This premise represents the base of the exhibition: it starts from recent researches about the attributions, the systems of calculation and writing, the calendar, to show the new vision of the Conquest from the “defeated” point of view.

The exhibition mainly focuses on the archaeological-cultural areas of Mesoamerica and Peru, deeply described thanks to the archaeological, ethno-historical and epigraphic, recent researches. Most parts of the exhibits belong to the MIC collections, mainly preserved in the storage department and never exhibited before. They are completed by works from Italian collections such as MUDEC, MUCIV, MNAE, “Museo degli Argenti” and works from private collectors.

The exhibition is open until 28 April 2019.