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Prop Ceramics at the Symposium in Berlin

A presentation of the final results

After four years of research and a lot of hours spent on watching numerous movies, advertising clips and photographs the project has come to an end.

From a great number of researched movies and commercials up to 384 movie sequences and advertisement clips as well as advertising posters have been analysed and included in an online database, which is part of the final “Ceramics and its Dimensions”-Project Website.

Prop Ceramics were part of several events and a special exhibition, so visitors could – over the course of 2 ½ years – get in touch with that topic.

A scientific study was conducted and completed based on over 4.000 filled in questionnaires by the international public audience.

This international endeavor with partners from 11 different European countries brought a lot of results to light. The biggest one might be: Ceramic props are everywhere. They emphasise movie characters, describe advertising products and tell the audience about social milieus, cultural identities and contemporary trends.

On 6 November 2018 a presentation about the results of this module will be given at the final Symposium at Berlin.

Because of the success of this module and the great response from visitors and users, Porzellanikon is going to follow up on this module by presenting a special exhibition next year (27 July 2019 until 26 January 2020) called “Silent Stars – Ceramics in Film and Advertising”.