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ECREA Application accepted



ECREA Application accepted

Great success for Crisis Communication: With approval of the ECREA Executive Board, the former Temporary Working Group will be transformed into a full ECREA section Crisis Communication. This will already apply to the next ECREA convention in Prague 2016.

The application was submitted by the working group’s management team Andreas Schwarz (chair), Winni Johansen (vice chair), and Alessandra Mazzei (vice chair). The group members and other international scholars strongly supported the transformation into a full ECREA section.

Establishing a full section on Crisis Communication at ECREA is an important step towards the disciplinary institutionalization of this field of inquiry and teaching. That means submitting papers on risk and crisis communication to the section (e.g., Prague 2016), spreading the word to other colleagues, and volunteering as reviewer will be essential in the incipient stage of the section.

Further information will be provided during the business meeting at the CRISIS4 conference in Helsingborg/Sweden (October 7-10), the group’s website as well as through the ECREA listserv.