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TP-2: Multiphysical Modelling of RF MEMS BAW Components

Subproject TP-2 of DFG Research Unit MUSIK concentrates on the multiphysical model development and optimisation of micro-acoustic MEMS components. In the centre of interest lie the characterisation and simulation of different BAW components. Depending on the application of the components in the frame of a micro-electromechanical frontend which is designed by the research unit at whole, the subproject focusses mainly on the high power compatibility, the temperature behaviour, and the analysis of nonlinearities as strong temperature influences and high power lead to unwanted frequency shifts, damages, and aging of the devices. In parallel, the interfaces to the other subprojects will be identified and developed to incorporate the electrical and thermal interdependencies between the assembly blocks and to combine the complementary modelling approaches to a universal and integrated design for the resulting RF MEMS circuit. Data obtained from device analysis lead to models to describe the temperature-dependent transmission behaviour which consecutively will be employed in design and optimisation. In a next step, the thermal interaction between important system components as oscillators, power amplifiers, and passive components will be investigated.


Results of the developed modeling approach for modeling BAW Filters at high power load.
Two power loads of 33 dBm at 1839 and 1914 MHz have been simulated, respectively.
In the left image the changes in the filter skirt caused by the power loads can be seen.
In the right figure the simulated temperature distribution in different layers of the filter is presented.


Responsible Research Unit MUSIK Member:

FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Chair for Technical Electronics (LTE)

Contact Person: M. Sc. Andreas Tag, Tel. +49 9131 85-27195