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Schorr, Philipp; Böhm, Valter; Zentner, Lena; Zimmermann, Klaus;
Design of a vibration driven motion system based on a multistable tensegrity structure. - In: Informatics in control, automation and robotics. - Cham : Springer, (2020), S. 302-307

Becker, Tatiana; Böhm, Valter; Schale, Florian; Zimmermann, Klaus;
Vibrating sensor unit made of a magnetoactive elastomer with field-adjustable characteristics. - In: Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials : MMM.. - Amsterdam : North-Holland Publ. Co., ISSN 0304-8853, Bd. 498 (2020), S. 166196
Zimmermann, Klaus; Chavez Vega, Jhohan; Becker, Tatiana; Witte, Hartmut; Schilling, Cornelius; Köhring, Sebastian; Böhm, Valter; Monkman, Gareth J.; Prem, Nina; Sindersberger, Dirk; Lutz, I.;
Podchod k sozdaniju gibkogo &ptbov;elementa zachvata s adaptivnoj formoj na osnove magnitočuvstvitelьnych &ptbov;elastomerob s bioinspirirovannoj sensornoj poverchnostьju :
An approach to a form-adaptive compliant gripper element based on magneto-senstive elastomers with a bioinspired sensorized surface. - In: Problems of mechanics. - Tbilisi : Mezhdunarodnaia Federatsiia po mashinam i mekhanizmam Gruzii, ISSN 1512-0740, (2019), No. 2(75), Seite 23-38

Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus;
Dynamics of a four-wheeled mobile robot with Mecanum wheels. - In: Proceedings in applied mathematics and mechanics : PAMM.. - Weinheim [u.a.] : Wiley-VCH, ISSN 1617-7061, Volume 19 (2019), issue 1, e2019001733, 22 Seiten
Nunuparov, Armen; Becker, Felix; Bolotnik, Nikolai N.; Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus;
Dynamics and motion control of a capsule robot with an opposing spring. - In: Archive of applied mechanics : (Ingenieur-Archiv).. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1432-0681, Bd. 89 (2019), 10, S. 2193-2208
Scharff, Moritz; Schorr, Philipp; Becker, Tatiana; Resagk, Christian; Alencastre Miranda, Jorge H.; Behn, Carsten;
An artificial vibrissa-like sensor for detection of flows. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Volume 19 (2019), issue 18, 3892, Seite 1-16

In nature, there are several examples of sophisticated sensory systems to sense flows, e.g., the vibrissae of mammals. Seals can detect the flow of their prey, and rats are able to perceive the flow of surrounding air. The vibrissae are arranged around muzzle of an animal. A vibrissa consists of two major components: a shaft (infector) and a follicle-sinus complex (receptor), whereby the base of the shaft is supported by the follicle-sinus complex. The vibrissa shaft collects and transmits stimuli, e.g., flows, while the follicle-sinus complex transduces them for further processing. Beside detecting flows, the animals can also recognize the size of an object or determine the surface texture. Here, the combination of these functionalities in a single sensory system serves as paragon for artificial tactile sensors. The detection of flows becomes important regarding the measurement of flow characteristics, e.g., velocity, as well as the influence of the sensor during the scanning of objects. These aspects are closely related to each other, but, how can the characteristics of flow be represented by the signals at the base of a vibrissa shaft or by an artificial vibrissa-like sensor respectively? In this work, the structure of a natural vibrissa shaft is simplified to a slender, cylindrical/tapered elastic beam. The model is analyzed in simulation and experiment in order to identify the necessary observables to evaluate flows based on the quasi-static large deflection of the sensor shaft inside a steady, non-uniform, laminar, in-compressible flow.
Merker, Lukas; Steigenberger, Joachim; Behn, Carsten;
3D recognition of obstacles using a vibrissa-like tactile sensor. - In: IEEE FLEPS 2019 : IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems : July 7-10, 2019 : 2019 conference proceedings.. - Piscataway, NJ, USA : IEEE, (2019), insges. 3 S.
Schorr, Philipp; Böhm, Valter; Stépán, Gábor; Zentner, Lena; Zimmermann, Klaus;
Multi-mode motion system based on a multistable tensegrity structure. - In: . - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 3007-3016

Scharff, Moritz; Alencastre, Jorge H.; Behn, Carsten;
Detection of surface texture with an artificial tactile sensor. - In: Interdisciplinary applications of kinematics. - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 43-50

Chavez Vega, Jhohan; Scharff, Moritz; Helbig, Thomas; Alencastre, Jorge H.; Böhm, Valter; Behn, Carsten;
Analysis of the dynamic behavior of beams supported by a visco-elastic foundation in context to natural vibrissa. - In: Interdisciplinary applications of kinematics. - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 51-59