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Media, Digitalization and Education: roles of agents in formal and informal education


Priscila Berger, Jens Wolling (supervisor)


Priscila Berger


2014 – up to now


This project aims to investigate the roles of socialization agents to youngsters' media education, taking into consideration both agents in formal education, i.e. school and teachers, as well in informal education, like family and peers. In addition to this, the role of autodidactic learning is considered as a means of developing media and digital competences informally.

Besides examining which responsibilities are assumed by each agent in media education, a further object of this investigation is agents' expectations concerning the roles of other agents in the process of media education. The study aims to deliver a model of media and digital competences to be developed by agents in informal and formal education.

The first study in our department exploring instructors' media-related tasks was conducted in 2014, specifically about university instructors’ attitudes toward students’ media use in class. In the sample (n=146), four attitude patterns were identified in terms of implicit and behavioral aspects: critical-oppressor, aware-active, aware-passive, and enthusiast-welcoming.



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Media literacy in Thuringian schools


Jens Wolling, Priscila Berger


Priscila Berger


September 2016 – February 2018


Since 2009 the schools of the state of Thuringia follow a Media Competence curriculum, which aims at developing education with and about media in the double school classes 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10. The first evaluation of this proposal happened right at the beginning of its implementation in 2010, investigating the first impressions of the teachers who were responsible for coordinating the Media Competence curriculum in their respective schools. At the meantime, the concept has been implemented in schools, and certainly deficits as well as successful experiences have been collected.

Therefore, the Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport of Thuringia selected the TU Ilmenau, more specifically the research group of Empirical Research and Political Communication, to conduct a thorough evaluation of the establishment of the Media Competence curriculum so far. The project comprehends the collection of deficits and best practices through interviews with experts, surveys with teachers, and case studies with best-practice schools. The report of the process and results of this study can be accessed here.


Wolling, J., & Berger, P. (2018). Die Vermittlung von Medienkompetenz in allgemeinbildenden Schulen: Zentrale Ergebnisse eines Evaluationsprojekts. Ilmenau: Universitätsverlag.


Berger, P., & Wolling, J. (2017). Media literacy from the perspective of teachers: What students really need to know and be able to do. ECER - European Conference on Educational Research, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 - 25 August 2017.