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Communication as reference to the world

Persons in Charge: Christoph Kuhlmann
Project Period: 2000 up to now

The theory of Communication as reference to the world (Weltbezugsansatz) was developed by Christoph Kuhlmann. The theory provides an integrative perspective for the analysis of media content on the one hand, and reception and impact phenomena on the other hand. In essence, the main question is what connections can be found between the world reference structure in the media (references to emotions, cognitions, actions, communications, etc.) and the analogous references of the recipients. The theory can be applied to all issues. However, the focus of the research has been on communication on environmental and sustainability issues. Both the classical mass media and social networks are of interest here. The research area also includes the development of new methodological instruments for content analysis and survey research. Concrete projects take place within the framework of research seminars and theses.

Kuhlmann, C. (2018). Kommunikation und andere Weltbezüge. Zur Wiederbelebung eines Paradigmas. In: Publizistik 63 (29-51).

Kuhlmann, C. (2016). Kommunikation als Weltbezug. Köln: Herbert von Halem Verlag.