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Mira Rochyadi-Reetz

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persönlich:  EAZ 2228

Tel.: +49 3677 69 4010 (momentan ausschließliche Erreichbarkeit per E-Mail/ currently availabe via e-mail only)
Fax: +49 3677 69 4650


Sprechstunde: bitte kontaktieren Sie mich per E-Mail.

Office hour: please contact me by e-mail.

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2017 - Present, PhD candidate (Fellowship from Stiftung der Deutchen Wirtschaft)
  • 2012 – 2014 Master (M.A.), Institute of Media and Communication Science, Ilmenau University of Technology, Ilmenau-Germany
  • 2005 - 2008 Master (M.T.), Graduate School – Institut Teknologi Bandung – Department of Industrial Management

  • 2001 - 2004 Bachelor, Widyatama University – Faculty of Business and Management

Working Experiences

  • Since april 2015: Research Assistant at Ilmenau University of Technology, Institute of Media and Communication Science

  • 2009 – 2011: Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

  • 2005 – 2008: Government of West Java Province, Bandung  (Indonesia)

  • 2005 – 2008: Freelance Announcer and Reporter at K-Lite 107,1 FM Bandung (Indonesia)

  • 2004 – 2005: Valens Magazine, Bandung (Indonesia )

  • 2003 – 2004: Research Assistant at ROISAP - Regional Observatory on Information Technology at Widyatama University, Project cooperation between Univ. Widyatama, UNESCO and the Ministry of Research and Technology, Bandung (Indonesia)


Mira Rochyadi-Reetz’s main research focuses are in environmental and political commuication.


  • Summer 2019:Environmental Communication: The Framing of Climate Change in Different Countries
  • Winter 2018/2019: Environmental Communication: The Framing of Climate Change in Different Countries
  • Winter 2015/2016, Summer 2016, Winter 2016/2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2017/2018 : Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Communication Science
  • Summer 2015, Summer 2016 : Communicator Research



Rochyadi-Reetz, M., Maryani, E., & Agustina, A. (2020). Public’s Media Use and Gratification Sought during Corona Virus Outbreak in Indonesia: A National Survey. Jurnal Komunikasi Ikatan Sarjana Komunikasi Indonesia, 5(1).

Rochyadi-Reetz, M., Budiono, O. D., & Wolling, J. (2020). Regularity of a Crisis: Media Framing of the 2015 Transboundary Haze Issue in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication, 36(2), 415–433.

Rochyadi-Reetz, M. & Löffelholz, M. (2019). A Pressing Tale of Two Countries: Comparing the Media Systems of Indonesia and Germany. In Grüne, A.,  Kai Hafez, K., Priyadharma, S., Schmidt, S. (Eds), Media and Transformation in Germany and Indonesia: Asymmetrical Comparisons and Perspectives, Frank & Timme, Berlin

Rochyadi-Reetz, M. (2019). Journalism Education in Indonesia: A Case Study of Seven Universities in Indonesia. In Dernbach, B. and Illg, B. (Eds), Journalism Education in Developing Countries. Manipal University Press, India. P. 77-91

Rochyadi-Reetz, M., Arlt, D., Wolling, J., & Bräuer, M. (2019). Explaining the Media's Framing of Renewable Energies: An International Comparison. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 7, 140.

Rochyadi-Reetz, M. (2018). It Is All About Economy and Politics: How Political Actors and Media in Indonesia Frame Renewable Energy, in S. W. Priyadharma, Mirawati S. & N. M. Hartoyo (Eds.), Indonesian Media and Social Transformation: Reports from the Field. Bitread, Bandung. P. 19-45

Rochyadi-Reetz, M., Hapsari, I.R & Varnavina, K. (2018). Government Communication to Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Germany: A Case Study of Germany Entrepreneurship Week. In The 2nd Indo-IGCC proceeding, Depok - Indonesia:



  • 2020, In the Grip of Fear. A story of Coronavirus Outbreak Communication in Indonesia, presented at Tenth International Conference of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (ICCAS 2020) with Eni Maryani and Anna Agustina. Ateneoo University- the Philiphines
  • 2020,Widespread Crises-Hesistant Research. Mapping Crisis Communication Studies in Southeast Asia, presented at International Risk and Communication Conferences (IRCC 2020) with Pauline Estella, Le Ngoc Son and Martil Löffelholz. University of Central Florida - United States of America
  • 2019, Online Media Coverage of Climate Change in Indonesia, presented at pre-conference of 69th annual ICA Conference. Washington D.C. - United States of America
  • 2018, Government Communication to Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Germany, presented at The 2nd Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication (Indo-IGCC) 2018 with Indri Rizkina Hapsari and Kira Varnavina. Jakarta-Indonesia
  • 2018, Explaining framing of Renewable Energy, presented at 68th Annual ICA Conference, with Jens Wolling, Dorothee Arlt and Marco Bräuer. Prague - Czech Republic
  • 2017, Comparing the Media Systems of Indonesia and Germany, presented at conference on Media and Transformation in Germany and Indonesia (join conference of Erfurt University and Padjajaran University sponsored by DAAD), with Martin Löffelholz. Bandung - Indonesia
  • 2017, Media and Communication Research on Renewable Energy: Past, Present and Future, with Yvonne Elstner, presented at Conference on Communication and Environment, Leicester-UK
  • 2016, Framing of Renewable Energy in 11 Countries, Presented at World Renewable Energy Congress 2016, with J. Wolling, D. Arlt and M. Bräuer. Jakarta-Indonesia
  • 2016, Communicating Renewable Energy in Indonesia. Presented at World Renewable Energy Congress 2016. Jakarta-Indonesia
  • 2016, Framing of Renewable Energy by Political Actors and Media in Indonesia, IAMCR conference. Leicester-UK
  • 2014, The Image of Indonesia in International News Media: a comparative analysis of television news website in United States, Qatar and Singapore. Presented at International conference about Indonesia’s International Image in Post-Soeharto Era, with Indri Rizkina Hapsari. Frankfurt-Germany
  • 2010, Role of liking and perceived contribution on the relationship between personality and creative behavior among Indonesian radio broadcasters. Presented at International Network Business and Management Journals (INBAM) with Nugroho J. Setiadi. Valencia-Spain