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With the foundation of the Department of the Fundamentals and Theory of Electrical Engineering by Prof. E.S. Philippow in the year 1956 it was build by the divisions Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Theory of Electrical Engineering and Technology of Electrical Mesurement.

Based on the analysis of the development in science in the year 1959 the field Theory of Electrical Engineering was introduced.

As from 1968 the division was part of the "Section Technique of Information and Theory of Electrical Engineering".

In 1986, Prof. Dr. F. H. Uhlmann was charged with heading the department.

After reunification in the year 1991 the Institute for General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering was re-established. Part of this institute became the division Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering, comprising the departments Electromagnetic Fields and Theoretical Electrical Engineering.

Prof. Uhlmann was assigned a full professor for the Department Electromagnetic Fields in 1992 and was heading the entire division from that time on. Since 1993, he has been heading the Institute for General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering for a number of years.

In the course of a major reconstruction, the Institute for Information technology was founded in 2005. It contains, besides six other departments, the division Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering.

After the retirement of Prof. Uhlmann 2007, the department was headed provisonally by Dr. Gernot Scheinert and Dr. Hartmut Brauer.

On July 1, 2009 Hannes Töpfer was appointed full professor and became head of the department which since then has been re-named as Advanced Electromagnetics, in accordance with the research topics dealt with.