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Applied Media Systems Group

Welcome to the Applied Media Systems Group

The department of Applied Media Systems deals with the parametric description of audio visual sources and objects. Applications are multifaceted, such descriptions, for instance, can be used to implement sources into artificial scenes as in computer graphics or artificial scenes in video games. Furthermore, an effective transmission via different transmission paths and the replay of these sources in a number of replay scenarios are possible.

For these scenarios, source models that meet the requirements of the desired application need to be developed. Afterwards, it has to be found out how the parameters of these models can be extracted or estimated in a recording.

Examples are the automatic extraction of three-dimensional models from scenes with multiple cameras and other sensors, the extraction of spatial sound parameters with multiple microphones or the extraction of model parameters of instrumental recordings, such as guitars or pianos.

One focus of the department within this topic is audio coding, specifically with a very low end-to-end delay, e.g. for communication applications and - for this purpose - necessary signal processing algorithms, such as low-delay filter banks and predictive coding.