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Project Robotics - 2-legged robots


Robotics is an active reseach field and a promising application area for digitial signal processing. As an example project, we build a little 2-legged robot with only 4 servo motors for the 2 legs (6 for an extended version), an accelerometer sensor for balancing, and an Arduino board or Raspberry Pi Zero with a servo hat for processing and control of the servo motors. The video shows the robot walking, using a so-called PID controller to balance it upright, and shifting the balance between left and right for walking.

The last in the row is the robot from 3D printer parts.

2-legged robot I (mp4)    2-legged robot II (mp4) 2-legged robot III.mp4  2-legged robot IV.mp4

Instructions for making your own robot




 For a version out of a 3D printer:

3D printer models (.stl)

  A Python program to let the robot from the 3D printer parts, with a Raspberry Pi Zeros W: