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Information about the Audiovisual Technology Group

The Audiovisual Technology group is part of the Institute of Media Technology at TU Ilmenau. It is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake, recently succeeding Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Schade. Before, Prof. Raake was the head of the research group Assessment of IP-based Applications at Technische Universität Berlin, a group established in 2009.

The Audiovisual Technology Group (AVT) deals with the function, application and perception of audio and video equipment and systems. An essential focus of the research is on the relationship between the technical characteristics of audio, video and audiovisual systems and human perception and experience (“Quality of Experience”, QoE). The group conducts research on user perception, performance and cognitive models for multi-media applications and services, with a special focus on networked applications and services (Voice over IP, IPTV, media streaming), or networked multi-channel audio conferencing or audio reproduction. In this context, the group develops new perceptive test and assessment methods as well as instrumental models for automatic prediction of human perception or performance. As part of the Institute of Media Technology, the Audiovisual Technology Lab disposes of a cutting-edge laboratory space enabling high-quality audio and video capturing and rendering as well as extensive audio and audiovisual tests.

Aspects of the entire chain are considered, from production, recording, transmission, reproduction, perception and experience for voice, audio and video signals and accompanying metadata. Current research relates to the possibilities offered by converged, IP-based networks for new multimedia services, as well as immersive audiovisual technologies such as UHD/4k and 360° video or spatial audio based on sound field synthesis.

Creation - Technology - Perception [nach Raake & Egger, in Raake & Möller, 2014]

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