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Research Goal

Our research goal is to explore the relationship between technical system characteristics and human perception & experience. The purpose is the physical and perceptual assessment of audio and video technology.

Research Focus

Our research focus includes aspects of the whole production and transmission chain from the original audiovisual scene, capture, processing, transmission, reproduction, to perception and experience. We are addressing voice, audio and video systems and services. A special focus is set on the opportunities offered by convergent, IP-based networks for advanced multimedia services.

End-to-End-Communication [adapted from Raake & Spors 2006, Spors et al., Proc. IEEE 2013]

Research Topics

Our research activities are organized around five topics:

Audiovisual Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Here the focus is on the assessment of state-of-the-art technologies for VR and AR applications, such as 3D video and spatial audio.

Communication and Interactive Systems

Here the focus is on the assessment of communication systems, with a special emphasis on solutions that enable rich interaction, such as conferencing and telemeeting solutions.

Assessment of IP-based Applications

Here the focus is on the assessment of entertainment and information applications and services that deliver content over the internet protocol suite, such as web browsing or IPTV.

Networked Studio Technology

Here the focus is on the assessment and in parts also implementation of professional studio technology that employs IT network infrastructure and protocols, such as the Audio Video Bridging standard (AVB).

Multimedia Assessment Methods

While the development of assessment methods is also part of the above mentioned research fields, additional activities specifically focus on the development of novel methods for multimedia, such as the combination of crowd-sourcing and technical measurements.

Running Research Projects

  • Conferencing Quality
  • VirQ - Video, VR and Virtualised QoE Probes
  • VR-live

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