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Project Vir-Q:Project of the Audiovisual Technology Group

Project Vir-Q (Video, VR and Virtualised QoE Probes)

The project is supporting by the Deutsche Telekom AG (Telekom Innovation Laboratories).

Project description

The goal of this project is to develop quality monitoring solutions for state-of-the-art and upcoming technologies in the application areas of video streaming, web experience, and virtual reality.

This work builds on our previous work quality assessment and modeling for video streaming applications and is a direct successor of the NG-QoE project.

The video streaming work in Vir-Q will extend existing video quality models to UHD and HEVC-coded video; the web experience work will develop a model to predict the Quality of Experience of web browsing; and the virtual reality work will develop quality assessment paradigms for such new technology.

Quality of Experience
Quality of Experience

Project partners

  • Deutsche Telekom AG - Telekom Innovation Laboratories
  • Technische Universität Ilmenau, Institute for Media Technology, Audiovisual Technology Group

Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake

Project staff and contact person:
M.Sc. Steve Göring
M.Sc. Rakesh Rao Ramachandra Rao
M.Sc. Ashutosh Singla