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Software and Downloads AVT

We provide some open-sourced software on our github webpage. Here is a short overview of some selected projects:

  • SITI is a command-line tool for calculating Spatial Information / Temporal Information according to ITU-T P.910,
  • AVRate is an open source modular Audio/Visual subjective evaluation test interface,
  • Lombard-Speech-database a Lombard speech database for German language,
  • CrowdWatcher is an open-source platform to catch the eye of the crowd or
  • Two!Ears a computational framework for modelling active exploratory listening that assigns meaning to auditory scenes.

Our projects constantly grow up, that's why this short list is not complete. For latest projects, please check our official github page.

Semantically Unpredictable Sentences for Text-to-Speech Synthesis Evaluation or Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) Measurement for Speech Intelligibility Research in French
(Phrases non-prédictibles pour tester des systèmes de synthèse vocale ou mesurer l’intelligibilité de la parole en terme de “Speech Reception Threshold” (Seuil d’Intelligibilité Vocale, SIV).)