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External Users

The Barrel of Ilmenau: Your idea - our experiment

External Researchers or engineers are welcome to perform own research or development work at the Barrel of Ilmenau. A few examples of potential user applications are listed below. The access to the facility can be supported by the EU project EuHIT - European High Perfornmance Infrastructures in turbulence - for scientists coming from abroad.  

Model experiments like the “Barrel of Ilmenau” can close this gap and permit the investigation of those flows. The large size of our experimental facility, the well-defined boundary conditions and the almost perfect shielding against the environment makes it ideal to study a wide variety of pilot flows. Modern measurement technique as well as experts in its application are available to measure and to analyze their field quantities.

If you are interested, please contact the person in the box on top of the page. 


Technical data and physical parameters

diameter:7,15 m
plate distance:0,20 ... 6,30 m
temperatur of the heating plate:10 ... 80°C
temperatur of the cooling plate: 10 ... 80°C
sidewall:no heat flux
working fluid:air
Rayleigh number:105 ... 1012
aspect ratio:1,13 ... 40
Prandtl number:0,7
Nusselt number:... 650
Reynolds number:... 3x105

Potential user applications

Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection:

  • Measurement of velocity and temperature in turbulent convective air flows
  • Generation of reference data for numerical simulations
  • Reference object for RB experiments with alternative fluids like He@5K, SF6
  • Heat reservoir with thermal stratification

Indoor flows:

  • Investigation of free and mixed convection
  • Convective air flow around local heat sources / sinks in virtually infinite spaces
  • Stability of stratified air volumina

Shielded model room with well-defined boundary conditions

  • Investigation of pilot air flows (free jets, thermal plumes etc.) in a virtually infinite space
  • Test of novel large-scale measurement technique for all fluidmechanical quantities

Moist air flows 

  • Heat transport at high level of humidity, humidity boundary layer
  • Condensation
  • Cloud formation
  • Heat transfer from liquid surfaces to a surrounding gas 

Available measurement technique

  • 3d Laser-Doppler velocimeter for local measurements
  • 2d-2c Particle Image velocimeter for field measurements, measurement field: 0,5 x 0,5 m2
  • 3d Hotwire velocimeter for ultrafast measurements
  • 3d Particle Tracking velocimeter for global field measurements (under development)
  • Real-time Infrared camera Variocam HR mit 640 x 480 pixels 
  • 4 channel measurement system with 125 µm temperatur probes