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September 2017

Musical Convections, the Big Bang and the Family

Ilmenau - ... Inspired by the convection currents, as they are investigated in the Ilmenauer Fass, the Mexican woman Pamela Mayorga wrote a piece ..... the full text

Tröpfchen-Forschung unter Freunden

Premiere of the 21st German Conference on Physics at Ilmenau University on 28 September 2017

download: YouTube

Pamela Mayorga

Turbulencias Sonoras (Sound Turbulence) is a piece dedicated to the 21st German Conference of Woman in Physics 2017. It is inspired by the Barrel of Ilmenau, unique installation in its type that allows and facilitates the investigation of turbulent convection with a high degree of accuracy. Inside the Barrel, sources of heat and cold create eddies of certain flows that by means of cutting edges laser technology, can be observed and studied in more details. Each physical element that happen inside the Barrel, such as heat, cold, flow and eddies, was the reason for misical inspiration to create this string quartet.

The main musical theme represents a "sound flow" that moves freely by warm and cold spots (harmony), changing its direction (counterpüoints) and its speed (change in musical tempo). The eddies, which are generatet by heat and cold fluctuations inside the Barrel, are symbolized by the variations on the main theme. As a result, the combination of all of these elements creates a polyphonic musical texture of great agitation that invites the audience and musicians to listen to and be part of these Turbulencias sonoras.

Pamela Mayorga (* 1985 in Mexico City) studied composition at the Universidad Nacional Autònma de Mèxico and orchestral conducting at the University of Minnesota. In the years of 2013 and 2014, she was composer at the Residence at the annual iCantaré choral program in the metropolitan area of Twincities (Minneapolis / St. Paul). She also worked with the University Symphony Orchestra and the Campus Orchestra during her Zeiz in Minneapolis. She also works for traditional Mexican music and culture. On these occasions she plays the Jarana, a Mexican version of the guitar.