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Jochen Seitz

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Phone 69-26 12

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Current notice:
Lectures start as online event. Start for this is 20.04.2020. Please contact Prof. Jochen Seitz by e-mail to get the access data for the lectures and exercises.

Our group offers the following lectures with exercises:

  • Communication Networks for ET, IT, II
  • Communication Networks for MT
  • Operation and Traffic Theory
  • Planning and Management of Communication Networks
  • The Internet Protocol Family
  • Reliability Theory
  • Protocols and Services in mobile Communications
  • Informationstheorie and Codierung
  • Specification of Communication Systems

This lectures are available in German only.

  • Communication Networks

This lecture are available in Enlish only.

Furthermore, the following main and project seminars are offered:

  • Multimedia Communication (MMK) 
  • Communication Networks (KN) 
  • Multimedia Informations- and Communications Systems (MIKS)

We also offer Research and Advanced Research Projects.