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  • DFG funded Core Facility "Micro-Nano-Integration"


DFG funded Core Facility "Micro-Nano-Integration"

The DFG funded Core Facility "Micro-Nano-Integration" provides an easy access to highly-developed technical infrastructure and special equipment of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN) to external partners.

Companies and scientific institutions will be served by a one-stop-shop.

Previous to the booking process of laboratories or technical devices you will get detailed information about the equipment and the competences of the ZMN. Additionally, a mandatory quotation based on possible eligibility and subsidy measures will be allocated.



Project management

Prof. Jens Müller

project manager and spokesman
phone: 03677 69-2606

Prof. Martin Hoffmann

project manager
phone: 03677 69-2487

Prof. Peter Schaaf

project manager
phone: 03677 69-3611

Project coordination

Maria Illing

project coordinator
phone: 03677 69-3402