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Dr. Andreas Schwarz

Andreas Schwarz is chair of the Department of Public Relations & Communication of Technology at Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany since 2017. His research interests include public relations (patterns, structures and effects of risk and crisis communication, strategic communication, international public relations), journalism (news selection, news production, agenda setting, global trends in journalism), and cross-cultural communication research. He teaches in the fields  of public relations, journalism, media theory and crisis management. He was visiting lecturer in Romania, Mexico, UK, USA, and Bulgaria.

Andreas Schwarz was acting head of the Department of Media Studies at Ilmenau University of Technology from 2012 to 2015. Since 2006 he is managing director of the International Research Group on Crisis Communication together with Martin Löffelholz (IRGoCC, He is the founding chair of the Temporary Working Group on Crisis Communication at the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) which in 2015 was transformed into a full ECREA section "Crisis Communication".

The work of Andreas Schwarz was published in journals like  Public Relations Review, the Journal of Public Relations Research, the International Journal of Strategic Communication, Communications and Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (German). Schwarz is co-editor of the Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research (with Matthew Seeger and Claudia Auer).

He received his Ph.D. in crisis communicatiuon (2009) at the Ilmenau University of Technology.

Andreas Schwarz, PhD
Institute for Media and Communication Science
Ilmenau University of Technology