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Le Ngoc Son

Le Ngoc Son is pursuing the doctoral research in crisis communication management at the Institute of Media and Communication Science of Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau). His doctoral research project is related to crisis communication governance in ASEAN countries. He investigates the influence of social, cultural, and political factors on structural and practical crisis communication management in the region; and develops a strategic framework of policy response at the national and regional level in term of crisis communication governance. Since 2015, he has been a member in the International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGoCC).

Before winning a full Ph.D. scholarship and doing research in TU Ilmenau, he had experienced almost 12 years working in area of political journalism in Vietnam as a senior journalist and newsroom manager. Son was the founder and chairman of the first non-profit private media school in Vietnam named Intelligent Applied Media School - IAMS, and a lecturer teaching fields of journalism, media theory, political communication, and crisis management in several universities in the country. He is also an active commentator on the media regarding a number of national concerns, and the author of many books and scientific articles about the issues of politics, journalism and communication in Vietnam. From 2006 till now, Son has been working as a senior communication advisor for one of the former Deputy Prime Ministers of Vietnam. Currently, he is also an advisor for many state corporations and governmental organizations in the country, as well as some German newspapers that publish in Vietnamese language. Son achieved many Awards and Honor in different fields due to his range of works.

He got the Master’s degree in Public Management from the Government Department of Uppsala University, Sweden.


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