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Habilitationsprojekt: Terrorismus als Kommunikation

Dr. Rothenberger befasst sich in ihrem Habilitationsprojekt "Terrorismus als Kommunikation" mit der Frage, wie kommunikationswissenschaftliche Theorien auf das Phänomen "Terrorismus" anwendbar sind und wie sie nutzen können, dieses Feld weiter zu erschließen, zu erklären und lösungsorientiert zu durchdringen.

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Liane Rothenberger


Dissertation project:

There’s a strong connection between extensive media-observed wars and their varied scientific thematization: The research field of public war communication is dominated by an enormous variety of case studies on single conflicts, which don’t regard each other. Therefore, the research field of war communication is intransparent – despite of some insightful findings no systematically overview is given yet.
The planned dissertation addresses this research gap: with a meta-analysis different approaches, issues, research designs and findings used in the field are scheduled to be shown, evaluated and related to each other. Basically are questions of research traditions, status quo and developments in the named research field.
Finally, based on the knowledge gained from the examined studies (e.g. theory/approaches used and their results), the theoretical aim of the proposed dissertation is to develop a comprehensive theoretical model of public war communication.

Contact: Kathrin Schleicher